MPL-918 Multi Purpose Light

MPL-918 Multi Purpose Light

MPL-918 Multi Purpose Light

This product is simple-structured, easy-operated, easy-stored and portable.
It is designed to meet different environments with different functions, so it is
a multiuse lighting equipment for all location.


Material: Heat-resistant, impact-resistant plastic material.
Size: Ø50mm X L118mm (Column type)
L148mm After extended.
Weight: 120gm (including battery 180gm)
Color: Black / Yellow / Green / Orange

Bulb material: One high power 3W LED 

Power: three of (size AA) cells


Full illumination – over continuous 60 hours light output,

Flashing Light – continuous 80 hours of light output in flash-mode.

(Note:1. The illumination will diminish gradually by power loss.

2.The above duration can be obtained by using alkaline cell only.)

Carton Size: ( 50x40x37cm )

60pcs /2.61cuft / 13.5kgs

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Indoor Lighting







Battery Installation


On-off Switch


Lighting Adjustment


Removable Magnet


Filter Beam Exchange


Storage Space


Bracket Operation


Easy To Carry


Airtight Waterproofing Illustration